Parking Information: 

Why walk when you can catch a ride?

It’s a long walk from the parking lots to the show, shuttle buses are available to and from each parking lot for $4 per person – round trip. Children under 5 ride free.


The last available bus from each parking lot to see the airshow will be 3:30 pm.

The last bus leaving the show to the parking lots will be 5:00 pm. Buses will depart regularly from the airshow back to parking lots. Admission to the Airshow is FREE.

Here are a list of parking lots: 
1. Premier Bankcard, Esurance, Midco Lots - I-29 Exit 82/Benson Rd.
2. Southeast Technical Institute – I-29 Exit 81/Maple/Russel exit
3. *NEW* Sioux Falls Canaries Stadium - I-29 Exit 79/12th Street
4. HANDICAP PARKING AVAILABLE – Howard Wood Field West Parking Lot


Gates Open 8:30am - 5:00pm
Buses: $4/person round trip - children under 5 ride free.

Last available bus ride to the Airshow will be at 3:30pm each day