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Support the South Dakota Air National Guard

The South Dakota Air National Guard is located on the southeast corner of Joe Foss Field in Sioux Falls. It has nearly 1,100 Airmen assigned to its headquarters and the 114th Fighter Wing. The mission of the Air National Guard is to provide combat capability to the war fight, security for the homeland and provide combat ready units in three roles: federal, state and community.


The Air Guard offers a broad range of job skills including pilots, aircraft maintenance, logistics, fueling, firefighting, security forces, civil engineering, medical services, communications and vehicle maintenance.


With both a state and a federal mission, the SDANG is an integral component of the most unique reserve military Air Force in the world, the Air National Guard of the United States. This two-fold mission requires the SDARNG to provide combat capable aircraft, aircrew, support personnel, and equipment to augment existing active forces during times of crisis, national emergencies, or war. This requirement for worldwide mobility, deployment, and operations is the benchmark of excellence of the SDANG. At the same time, the unit must provide resources and a disciplined force to protect life and property during natural disasters, civil disorders and other emergencies.


Deployments, exercises and direct support to the Air Combat Command of the United States Air Force on a day-to-day basis, give the SDANG members the constant training needed to maintain their high level of readiness.


114th Fighter Wing Mission:

To provide combat capable aircraft, air crew, support personnel, and equipment to augment existing active forces during times of crisis, national emergencies or war. To provide personnel and resources to protect life and property, and to preserve peace, order and public safety in the State of South Dakota. To participate in local, state, and national programs that add value to the communities of America.

114th Fighter Wing Vision:

Men and women of the South Dakota Air National Guard providing a vital and critical link to America's security, recognized and respected as one of our country's most effective reserve forces, responsive to the needs of South Dakota, committed to quality of life in our community, and dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement.

114th Fighter Wing Values:

Integrity - honest and open approach of working with fellow members to accomplish our mission.


Professionalism - the exceptional manner with which we perform our duties.


People - respect for individuals and appreciation for the contributions each can make.


Teamwork - a mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure. With teamwork we accomplish mutuality.


Communication - Open lines of communication and open doors lead to the accomplishment of goals.

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