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Sun screen. Check.  Camera. Check.  Enormous Cooler.  Not so fast. 
As airshows draw tens of thousands of spectators, many details are involved in hosting such a large event.
Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

What else can I do at the Sioux Falls Airshow besides watch the aerial performers?


A:  Tons. 

You can take our kids over to the Sanford’s Children’s Hospital/First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard Children’s fun area and play.  There will be at least 15 inflatable play structures for your kids to bounce around on and a shade tent to relax and cool.

Visit the static display aircrafts both where you can hear the incredible stories of the pilots and get up close and personal with the aircrafts.  Both civilian and military will be on the ramp for review by airshow patrons.

Does the thought of flying get you pumped up?  Here’s your chance to learn more about flying.  Flight Schools from the area and colleges will have aircraft and display booths on the ramp.  They’ll be on hand to answer any aviation questions you might have or if you want to sign up for aviation classes.

Recruiters from all branches of the military will have a presence at the airshow. This will include representatives from the SD Air National Guard and the SD Army Reserve.


A: All purses, diaper bags, etc. will be subject to hand search at the checkpoints entering the base and before loading buses at the remote parking lots. Back packs, coolers and large tote bags are not allowed. Signs will be placed at each of the checkpoints reminding arriving spectators of these and other restrictions. Gate officials may refuse admittance to persons attempting to bring these items to the airshow.

What can I expect at the security checkpoints?

Is there a charge to attend the airshow?


A: No. The Sioux Falls Airshow admission is free of charge thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

No tickets are required.

What can I bring to the airshow?


A: The following is allowed at the airshow: Lawn Chairs in bags (subject to search), Sun screen, Brimmed Hats, Sunglasses, Camera or Video Camera, Small Purses, Hand Bags and Fanny Packs (all will be subject to hand search at security checkpoints), Umbrellas, Cell Phones

What happens if my child is lost?


A: Child registration is provided by the South Dakota Air National Guard Security Squadron located near the bus drop off and the main gate. If your child is not registered the announcers can help with a message on the sound system. If you locate a lost child bring them to the announcers stand or the security registration tent.


A:  The airport will be closed during the airshow, but you might be able to park at Landmark Aviation Services or Maverick Aviation Services in the morning (but no shuttle service is available). No parking is allowed at the SD Air National Guard. Check NOTAMS as you get closer to the airshow date.

Can I fly my private plane in for the show? 

A: It is the same schedule both Saturday and Sunday. 


Is it the same schedule both days? 

Is there a drop off area for passengers?


A:  No,

Passengers will not be able to be dropped off at the entrance. Both Algonquin St and F Ave will be closed. Review our parking page for information on ways to get to the show. 

Is there somewhere at the airshow where I can nurse my baby?


A:  Absolutely. There will be a privacy tent near the Sanford Children’s Hospital/First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard KIDS FUN Area specifically for the breastfeeding mothers.

What can't I bring to the airshow?


A: The following is NOT allowed at the airshow: Drones, Knives or Weapons, Coolers (no outside food or beverage are allowed), Backpacks, Weapons, Boom Boxes, 2-Way Communication Devices, Pets (service animals are allowed), Large Purses or Tote Bags.

My parents have trouble walking. What is the best way to have them see the show? 


A:  Park in a remote parking lot and the shuttle bus will drop you off right on the ramp. There are trolleys available to take you to the area of the announcers stand.

A:  Algonquin and F Ave are closed.  Review our parking page for information on ways to get to the show. 

Can I park around the airshow?


Can I bring a folding chair?


A: yes, but it will need to set on your lap if you are taking the shuttle bus.

I’m a parent. Can I bring a stroller or a wagon?


A:  Yes. But all strollers and only collapsible wagons will be subject to a hand search at the security checkpoints. Please bring only necessary items. Large diaper bags may not be permitted.

A: You can find information for parking and arriving by bus by visiting the Sioux Falls Airshow link listed below:

Airshow Parking/Directions


Where can I park my car or take the buses from remote parking?

Why are no times listed with the individual performers in the airshow schedule?


A: Because the airshow is hosted at a commercial airport, we need to accommodate flight schedules too.  Sometimes military demonstration teams receive a change in orders and the occasional emergency such as mechanical problems and/or pilot health issues arise.  Having flexibility means the show can be as seamless as possible.

A: Yes, the bottle must be empty when you go through the security check point.

Can I bring a personal water bottle for the free water?


A:  No, Sanford’s Children’s Hospital/First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard have provided this area FREE of charge.


Is there a cost for the Inflatables?

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